Finally, in the fall 2005 section I concluded the Certificate in Telecommunication. A certificate is 10 courses specilized in a specific field, in my case telecommunication.

The course that I did during my certificate are listed below, and now I can dedicate my time to complete the other university Concordia University. I forgot to say that the UQAM University is (Université du Québec à Montréal) this University is in French.

Here below my courses:

Cours Short Description
MIC3215 Autumn ’03 Microprocessore I
INF1105 Winter ’03 Introduction a la programmation scientifique
MIC2110 Winter ’03 Notions fondamentales en telecommunication
MIC4250 Autumn ’04 Communication entre ordinateurs
MIC5220 Autumn ’04 Transmission de donnes
MIC5250 Winter ’05 Systemes de telecommunications
INF2105 Winter ’04 Programmation Scientifique II
INF5370 Winter ’04 Interconnexions et Gestion de Rèseau
MIC6265 Winter ’04 Applicationes des Telecommunications
TEM6310 Autumn ’05 PROJECT VoIP et VPN

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