Unbrick iPhone iOS 5 Beta 7 after OTA – Reboot Loop

After having updated my iPhone 3GS using OTA I had a reboot loop. I never saw that kind of problem.

I would like to point it out that I am register as a developer therefore I am allowed to tests iOS 5.

I could not even get into DFU mode, after a while my screen went off and the itunes recognized the phone in DFU mode.

However, I was not able to load the restore since I was getting the error “The Iphone isn’t eligible for the requested build”.

After a while I have discovered that on my hosts file I add the following line gs.apple.com

I have commented out

After that, I was able to recover my iPhone

2 thoughts on “Unbrick iPhone iOS 5 Beta 7 after OTA – Reboot Loop”

  1. Do you use mac os x or windows?
    On mac os x I’m not able to change this entry. Then I save the hosts file it always gets overwritten some program or so and the same entry exists again…

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