Asterisk Monitor HD for iPAD

Very short new, I have uploaded on itunes Asterisk Monitor HD build exclusively for the iPad here the link As usual, please let me know what you think about it.

Here some screenshot














12 thoughts on “Asterisk Monitor HD for iPAD”

  1. I have iPad2 and the AstMonitor HD loaded but I don’t know how to setup my information in the General/settings/astmonitor.
    Can you tell me how to set it up or send me a link with information?
    ham operator
    Dallas Texas

  2. installed on ipad 2, configured connectManager.php and mini_cmds.php and installed both into: /var/www/htm/asterisk ipad app “network connection The request timed out”


  3. I have Ipad2. Install and config AstmMonitor HD. Connect to my Asterisk. I can view “Overview”, but when I push another button like as “peers” or “registry” I take message “Loading. Please Wait..”. and it’s all! I wait 10-60minutes but nothing.. What does it mean? Thanks

  4. I was not able to connect the Asterisk.
    Configured manager.conf on port 5038 and created a new Account but i was not able to connect.

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