ENCS 282 – Technical Writing

Here you can find my first difficult course in the first semester at Concordia. For this course I did a lot of work. All of them in English. In this course I learned how to write technical documents, I learned the format to use and how to put the information toghether.

In few words in this course you are able to learn the main principle how to write technical documents, you need to describe everything how they are and , remember, you never put your personal opinion.

Here below you find my assignment that I did during this course:

Assignment 1 Tree letters and one memo
Assignment 2 Description of a pair of scissor
Assignment 3 Curiculum Vitae
Mid-Term exam Rewrite of one motherboard’s manual
Assignment 4 Proposition

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  3. Hi, your site is very helpful.

    I’m wondering though if you may have the book (ENCS 282 Technical Writing by Mary Silas) or if you know someone who has it and wants to sell it.

    Thank you

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