Sono stato iscritto agli anni scolastici 2004-07, in un corso di Information System.

Ho frequentato e conculo i corsi all’universita Concordia et a l’Universitá UQAM in francese allo stesso tempo, questo è il motivo per cui all’inizio sono partito lentamente.

Qui di seguito i corsi che ho terminato:

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Je étais inscrit à les années universitaires 2004-06, dans un certificat en télécommunication. Pour qui de vous qui ne savez pas ce qu’est un certificat, un diplôme universitaire que dure seulement 10 cours. J’ai oubliée mais l’abréviation UQAM signifie (Université du Québec à Montréal) est en français.

Je me suis oublié de dire que au même temps j’ai fréquenté l’Université Concordia en anglais.

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COMM 210 – Contemporary Bussines Thinking

This is a class that I do not like at all, but I am obliged to take it. There are two reasons why I do not like it. The first one is that there is a lot of material to know by heart and the second reason is that I must read and write a lot. However, I must admit that the course is interesting. For this course I read two books, they were very interesting, I sincerely suggest you to take an opportunity to read them.

Fast Food Nation wrote by Eric Schlosser Continue reading COMM 210 – Contemporary Bussines Thinking

ECON 203 – Macro Economy

This is an Introduction to the Canadian Macro Economy, I do not have any notes to post, however, I can show you my assignments that I did during the course and one mid-term exam. The teacher that I had during this course was Bogdan C. Buduru, sincerly I appreciated the way he teaches.

Text of Assignment 1
Assignment 1
Solution of Assignment 1
Solution of the Mid Term Exam
Text of Assignment 2
Assignment 2
Solution of Assigment 2

ENCS 282 – Technical Writing

Here you can find my first difficult course in the first semester at Concordia. For this course I did a lot of work. All of them in English. In this course I learned how to write technical documents, I learned the format to use and how to put the information toghether.

In few words in this course you are able to learn the main principle how to write technical documents, you need to describe everything how they are and , remember, you never put your personal opinion.

Here below you find my assignment that I did during this course:

Assignment 1 Tree letters and one memo
Assignment 2 Description of a pair of scissor
Assignment 3 Curiculum Vitae
Mid-Term exam Rewrite of one motherboard’s manual
Assignment 4 Proposition