Asterisk Monitor 1.10 Released

I released Asterisk Monitor 1.10 on iTunes, starting from this release you should use a php proxy that I developed, to enhance the functionality of  asterisk manager with new functions. I have added more functions in the application such as the reload option for extensions, sip, voicemail, gtalk and queue. I also added the logs watch, and the cdr list. The cdr is only from the CSV file at this point.

In order to use this version and all its features, you should install the php proxy which needs a html server such as apache or lighttpd or any other one, that is able to manage the php files and also the SSL connection. I will not go over these configurations however, if you need some help let me know.  In this version, there is a little bug which is caused by the platform that I used to develop the application. At this point in time, it is not able to use the SSL connection on a different port from the 443. Continue reading Asterisk Monitor 1.10 Released

Asterisk Monitor 1.10

This post is only to let you know that I am currently working on the version 1.10. The features that I am  adding are the support for an ssl connection, logs view and the cdr.

In order to add this new functionality I developed a proxy for the manager, this is adding a layer of complexity, however, it opens the door to new functionality.

Like I said before do not hesitate to send me your feedback and/or requests I really would like to know what do your opinions.

The version 1.10

Asterisk Monitor

Asterisk Monitor is the second application that I developed for the iOS. In this preliminary version, it has very limited functions such as monitoring  the peerings, the registry and the voicemail configuration of your asterisk >=1.6. I pushed into production in order to  have some feedback on it. And also I would like to hear from you,  what you think  and which functions I should develop in the next releases.

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