WordPress Mobile Statistics 0.98 Released

I had the opportunity to talk with some of you about the use of the wordpress mobile statistics app and I was able to understand that some blog uri are not well supported from the wordpress.com api. I fixed it by adding the blogid, which I can use instead the blog uri. However, during this work I have discovered another bug, the XML sent from the wordpress.com sometimes it can be corrupted if on the post title there is an &. At this time, I am showing an error.
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WPMobile Stats 0.98

This new release should fix the blog uri problem affecting some people.I have added the option to insert the blog id .
After doing some testing with two people that contacted me, I found out that some URI are not well interpreted from the stat API given from WP, in this case the blog id help out. I do not know why, but I have added it, in this way you can use the application.

The application is free of charge and without banners of any kind, I will appreciated if you a link to my blog into yours.

WP Mobile Statistics 0.95

The new release of WP Mobile Statistics, the version 0.95, which takes into consideration your comments. I have added two major modifications such as:

  • multiple accounts
  • clicks information

The original post, where I am explaining a bit more such as the need to have an account on wordpress.com in order to have the API to use it is here.

IMPORTANT: I have uploaded the new version 0.98, today 26 feb, 2011 please use this article as reference

And some screenshots

Info Treni

Eccovi la quarta applicazione per iOS, è un pò prematura ma l’ho voluta mettere sullo store per dire che esiste, sto aggiungendo funzionalità che Skumpic ed io reputiamo interessanti. Non perdetela di vista, per lo meno durante i suoi aggiornamenti.

InfoTreni è una apps dedicata a quanti per svago o necessità utilizzano iltreno come mezzo di trasporto per visitare il paese, andare al lavoro o tornare a casa. Continue reading Info Treni

WP Mobile Statistics 0.9

I like to check the status of my blog from anywhere. However, if I am using the wordpress’s control panel I cannot watch the graphs, since the iPhone does not have the flash player, moreover, my wireless contract has a bandwidth cap, and I do not like to pay extra fees.
For these reasons, I have decided to develop a little application that reads the information from wordpress stats downloading only the summarized information on the iphone to be processed and generate the reports. In this way I will use a little amount of my monthly bandwidth and I will have more chances to not be overcharged.

IMPORTANT: I have uploaded the new version 0.98, today 26 feb, 2011

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3CX Softphone per iOS

Oggi mi sono accorto che finalmente 3CX avevo rilasciato il sofphone per iOS in versione gratuita, e per questo l’ho subito scaricata. I vantaggi di questo softphone sono differenti. Il primo è forse il più importante, è un softphone gratuito e non bloccato, cioé non obbliga l’utilizzo del centralino 3CX, utilizza lo standard SIP e di consequenza potete usare direttamente il provider SIP che più vi aggrada o un vostro server SIP come il 3CX (che offrono entrambi una versione gratuita per windows) oppure il famoso Asterisk per linux o tanti altri. Continue reading 3CX Softphone per iOS

Asterisk Monitor 1.10 Released

I released Asterisk Monitor 1.10 on iTunes, starting from this release you should use a php proxy that I developed, to enhance the functionality of  asterisk manager with new functions. I have added more functions in the application such as the reload option for extensions, sip, voicemail, gtalk and queue. I also added the logs watch, and the cdr list. The cdr is only from the CSV file at this point.

In order to use this version and all its features, you should install the php proxy which needs a html server such as apache or lighttpd or any other one, that is able to manage the php files and also the SSL connection. I will not go over these configurations however, if you need some help let me know.  In this version, there is a little bug which is caused by the platform that I used to develop the application. At this point in time, it is not able to use the SSL connection on a different port from the 443. Continue reading Asterisk Monitor 1.10 Released