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WordPress Mobile Statistics 0.98 Released

I had the opportunity to talk with some of you about the use of the wordpress mobile statistics app and I was able to understand that some blog uri are not well supported from the wordpress.com api. I fixed it by adding the blogid, which I can use instead the blog uri. However, during this work I have discovered another bug, the XML sent from the wordpress.com sometimes it can be corrupted if on the post title there is an &. At this time, I am showing an error.
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WPMobile Stats 0.98

This new release should fix the blog uri problem affecting some people.I have added the option to insert the blog id .
After doing some testing with two people that contacted me, I found out that some URI are not well interpreted from the stat API given from WP, in this case the blog id help out. I do not know why, but I have added it, in this way you can use the application.

The application is free of charge and without banners of any kind, I will appreciated if you a link to my blog into yours.

WP Mobile Statistics 0.95

The new release of WP Mobile Statistics, the version 0.95, which takes into consideration your comments. I have added two major modifications such as:

  • multiple accounts
  • clicks information

The original post, where I am explaining a bit more such as the need to have an account on wordpress.com in order to have the API to use it is here.

IMPORTANT: I have uploaded the new version 0.98, today 26 feb, 2011 please use this article as reference

And some screenshots

WP Mobile Statistics 0.9

I like to check the status of my blog from anywhere. However, if I am using the wordpress’s control panel I cannot watch the graphs, since the iPhone does not have the flash player, moreover, my wireless contract has a bandwidth cap, and I do not like to pay extra fees.
For these reasons, I have decided to develop a little application that reads the information from wordpress stats downloading only the summarized information on the iphone to be processed and generate the reports. In this way I will use a little amount of my monthly bandwidth and I will have more chances to not be overcharged.

IMPORTANT: I have uploaded the new version 0.98, today 26 feb, 2011

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