WP Mobile Statistics 0.95

The new release of WP Mobile Statistics, the version 0.95, which takes into consideration your comments. I have added two major modifications such as:

  • multiple accounts
  • clicks information

The original post, where I am explaining a bit more such as the need to have an account on wordpress.com in order to have the API to use it is here.

IMPORTANT: I have uploaded the new version 0.98, today 26 feb, 2011 please use this article as reference

And some screenshots

17 thoughts on “WP Mobile Statistics 0.95”

  1. Hey, first of all, nice App.

    I dont Know what i did wrong, but multiple Accounts are not working! 🙁

    If i try to add a new Site, nothing happen! Is this a known issue?


      1. I have installed the stats plugin and it is working on dashboard. Your app still says to check the API key and blog uri. The API key is the same as I put into the plugin. I’ve tried several different ways of typing in the URL to my blog, but it still doesn’t work. I even tried restarting my iPod touch.

  2. We have the same problem. It worked fine during the first 1 – 2 days (in my iPhone 4 and iPad) but after the third day, your app keeps saying “Check the API key and blog URL” (in both my iPhone 4 and iPad). The API key and URL are correct.

  3. The new version works perfect. Everyting is OK.
    The app now is very usefull because I can know my blog’s stats in seconds!

    1. Sometime the blog uri does not work
      I pushed the new version ( 0.98 ) on the store that gives the possibility to use the blog id
      This version should be available at the end of this week (waiting for apple approval)

      Try to use this link with the blog uri and API you should get the same problem that you have with the app

  4. Hi!

    I get the same “check your API or uri”-message, the new version didn’t make any change 🙁 I can’t help to wonder an “uri” is, I thought you misspelled URL but I am probably wrong?


    1. Finding blog_id is a bit tricky but you need it. Go to dashboard -> site stats page. Click on the title link “Referrers” or “Top Posts and Pages”. This will open a new page looking at the page’s url you will find a parameter called blog. The value of this parameter is the blog_id.

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