WP Mobile Statistics 0.9

I like to check the status of my blog from anywhere. However, if I am using the wordpress’s control panel I cannot watch the graphs, since the iPhone does not have the flash player, moreover, my wireless contract has a bandwidth cap, and I do not like to pay extra fees.
For these reasons, I have decided to develop a little application that reads the information from wordpress stats downloading only the summarized information on the iphone to be processed and generate the reports. In this way I will use a little amount of my monthly bandwidth and I will have more chances to not be overcharged.

IMPORTANT: I have uploaded the new version 0.98, today 26 feb, 2011

I rushed on the development being able to upload on AppleStore hopping that it will be validated and released before Christmas 2010. The rush paid off, since today Apple approved the application.

Be nice with the review, since like I said, it is the first version and I rushed on it. You are more than welcome to leave me a positive feedback on the apple store 😀 and leave them here too, in this way I can respond to your comments.

Here some screenshot for the version 0.9

And the link http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wordpress-mobile-statistics/id410530771

23 thoughts on “WP Mobile Statistics 0.9”

  1. Hi. Do you need to have your wordpress blog hosted with wordpress for this to work. We have a wordpress blog on our own server, and use the wordpress stats, however when I enter in our API code and URI, the application says “check the api_key and the blog uri.


    1. Hi
      The blog can be hosted where you want.
      I believe that you have already check that the API and URI are well inserted.
      Then, I will suggest to close and reopen, the application. You need to kill the app or reboot the phone. Click on the home button is not enough,

      1. Thanks, however still not working, even after killing the app and rebooting the phone. Do you need to include the http:// on the URI string, or just the domain name?

  2. The plugin is great but the app is repeatably crashing when browsing the stats, I have tried with my different wordpress sites, but it always stops unexpectedly.

    1. Can you explain a bit more, in order to try to simulate the problem.
      For example, you go to the stat -> graph -> back to the click stat and you have a problem or something like that.

  3. Hello,
    i have still problems to get your app running.
    API is correct and URI too.
    Still get the Error: check the api_key and the blog uri
    blog is not hosted at wordpress.com

  4. i have the same problem…

    can you dear michele give us an example of a blog_uri and blog_id?

    thank youuu…

  5. I have the API key, and OPEN ID (& not Blog ID – is the same?) from word press, but I can’t get your app to work on my iphone. any help please?

    my Open ID: http//lebanonspring.wordpress.com

    I can’t find any others IDs (for the URI?)


    1. Go on your dashboard -> site stats
      now click on the link this week that you find on referrers (for example)
      click on mouse’s right button
      paste the result samewhere
      the blog=XXXXXXX is your blogid copy it (the XXXXXXX)

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