WordPress Mobile Statistics 0.98 Released

I had the opportunity to talk with some of you about the use of the wordpress mobile statistics app and I was able to understand that some blog uri are not well supported from the wordpress.com api. I fixed it by adding the blogid, which I can use instead the blog uri. However, during this work I have discovered another bug, the XML sent from the wordpress.com sometimes it can be corrupted if on the post title there is an &. At this time, I am showing an error.
The main wordpress mobile statistics has the following features:

·       Multiple account

·       Post, referrers, search words and clicks

·       Graphic representation

The application is free of charge and without banners of any kind, I will appreciated if you insert a link to my blog into yours.

Remember in order to use the app you need to know your API KEY and the BLOG ID, read here to find out more http://en.support.wordpress.com/api-keys/ and thestats plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/stats

Finding blog_id is a bit tricky but you need it. Go to dashboard -> site stats page. Click on the title link “Referrers” or “Top Posts and Pages”. This will open a new page looking at the page’s url you will find a parameter called blog. The value of this parameter is the blog_id.

And some screenshots

30 thoughts on “WordPress Mobile Statistics 0.98 Released”

  1. Hello,

    Awesome app you have created!
    It is what i have been looking for, for quite a while – brilliant.

    Would it be possible to add a refresh button for the graph page? As far as i can see it only updates when the app starts, and not every time you enter the graph page?

    Best regards…Jan

    1. In this version there is a bug on the graph, I already submited a new version fixing it.
      Hopefully is what you need, otherwise, let me know when the 0.99 is out

  2. I’ve just started to use your app for my blog Mac Aficionados and I’m loving it! I will probably cover it in one of my reviews.


    Mac Aficionados

    1. Perfect
      Tonitrue should comme out the .99 with the fix for the graph

      Do not forget to leave a feedback on iTunes 🙂

  3. Hey

    For API I wrote something like A1234B123456
    For URI I wrote http://blogname.wordpress.com
    For blog ID I wrote 12345678.

    This worked for a few seconds, then I started getting an error telling me to check my API key and Blog ID. Now, it suddenly doesn’t work, and I’ve done no changes.
    The above error confuses me in other ways too, since on the settings page it says that we’re to enter either the blog URI or the blog ID. What is required and what is not? What’s optional? Could you please clarify?

  4. Keeps telling me api key and URL is not correct?? I use the free blog version is it this thats the problem?

  5. I love this program. You’ve done excellent work on it. I’m have a bit of trouble with the latest version: 1.00. When I start the program, it stays stuck on “Tops” without showing the options to select Posts, Referrers, Search Words or Clicks. I can still view the graph of the statistics, settings, and about.

    I’ve tried a hard Reset as well as deleting and reinstalling the app, but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again for your hard work.

    1. Also one of my friend report to me the same problem.
      I will try to look on it this weekend

      if you want I can add you on the testing

      please let me know

  6. Hi, can you use the App with a wordpress.com site?

    I have api key and blogid entered, (and have tried uri) but I constantly get the ‘Please check…’ error message. I’ve never been able to get it to work.

    Is this because it’s only for self-hosted (wordpress.org) sites?

    Thank you

  7. I have the same problem with “tops”! The application does not display anything there!
    Please help!!!!

    1. Hi
      thank you for the feed back
      I have already submitted an update, knowing the delay from apple, I am expecting it around april 15th

  8. Thanks for such a wonderful app, I did as you said and restarted the iphone, got it to work just fine, but, I tried to add a second website, this one will not save. I restarted, tried it, and still the same. Is it not possible to add more than one?

  9. Hi – when I followed your instructions for obtaining my blog ID, they didn’t work. I host my WordPress on my own server, and clicking “Referrers” or “Top Posts or Pages” on the Site Stats page collapses that section of text; the blog ID does not appear in the URL.

    Here’s an alternative: go to WordPress.com and login, and then click the “My Stats” tab at the top of the page. Mouse over “Weeks” or “Months” in the graph at the top of the page, and the blog ID will show in the URL for either link and is preceded by “blog=”


    1. They have changed the stats module, it seems that does not work anymore. I need to investigate in the following weeks to understand better what they implement and remove

  10. Hi!

    I’m Roberto Gómez from Eleven Paths Team. We believe we have detected a behaviour that could be improved in your application when we’re trying to get the statistics of a WordPress site that has integrated Latch inside.

    The improvement that we believe could be done, happens when your application tries to login (seems it is done four times) and we think that the login process should be made a single request, because otherwise that second factor authentication’s web traffic is too high and we strongly recommend modifying this behaviour in your app and try to reduce the number of requests.

    Best Regards!

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