APNS Client Development Certificate

The first time that I create my certificate I had some problems, for this reason I decide to write them down in order to remember  how I should proceed the next time.

I will describe what I did to create the Certificate for the developer and for the production almost all the steps are the same.

I suppose that you already have your APP ID, remember should be without * (no wild cards) Continue reading APNS Client Development Certificate

Asterisk Monitor 1.10

This post is only to let you know that I am currently working on the version 1.10. The features that I am  adding are the support for an ssl connection, logs view and the cdr.

In order to add this new functionality I developed a proxy for the manager, this is adding a layer of complexity, however, it opens the door to new functionality.

Like I said before do not hesitate to send me your feedback and/or requests I really would like to know what do your opinions.

The version 1.10 http://www.nasoni.net/2010/12/08/asterisk-monitor-1-10-released/

Asterisk Monitor

Asterisk Monitor is the second application that I developed for the iOS. In this preliminary version, it has very limited functions such as monitoring  the peerings, the registry and the voicemail configuration of your asterisk >=1.6. I pushed into production in order to  have some feedback on it. And also I would like to hear from you,  what you think  and which functions I should develop in the next releases.

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Anteprima della prima Applicazione LIV per iOS

È già passata una settimana dalla pubblicazione della mia prima applicazione per iOS ed ho deciso di mostrarla anche qui, ma premetto che si tratta delle stesse informazioni che troverete su iTunes.

Con questa applicazione potete visualizzare le liste delle chiamate, i messaggi vocali, visualizzare lo stato degli interni in tempo reale e generare  chiamate.

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